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Aid to Artisans Video What We Do

Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
In a world of mass production, the touch of the hand has value.
— Docey Lewis, International Design Consultant, Textile Innovator

What We Do / Business Training

AMRP participants explore online market research techniques

Africa Market Readiness Program

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The Africa Market Readiness Program is a hands-on training program that provides the unique experience of learning market expectations and strategies in the context of an international trade fair in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This program focuses on African export and regional markets, and offers two separate targeted programs: one for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and one for Micro-Enterprises. As a participant, you will have the unique opportunity to tour the show with expert guides, visit retail stores, have your products reviewed by experienced product designers in addition to classroom training. Topics include: current trends, the product development and design process, costing and pricing, how to brand your product or company, exporting/building buyer relationships and the particulars of doing business in South Africa.

A participant learns the best ways to take marketing photos of his products
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